Our Pride in Workmanship and the Environment Shows

Taking pride in our craft isn’t just a saying to us. At Suite Upgrades, it’s a promise.

Every project receives our uncompromising commitment to quality craftsmanship and integrity, along with our dedication to maintaining high environmental standards.

Unique Process for Unique Results

Others merely resurface wood. We restore it back to its original appearance, while maintaining the character of the grain and finish.

To you, it may sound simply like a matter of words. To us, it delves much deeper -- in every sense.

To accomplish restorations that look like they just came off the showroom floor, we developed a unique process that yields unique results. This is why our customers consistently sing our praises and are awed by the mastery of our work.

Concern for the Environment

Suite Upgrades utilizes the highest quality and “greenest” products possible. In fact, we are endeavoring to use 100% water-based, chemical-free products. We are also very environmentally conscientious about the disposal of our waste products. However, our earth friendly initiatives don’t stop there.

Saving our Forests

We actively support landfill reduction as well as forest preservation. By restoring the wood items in one average-size hotel room – as an alternative to purchasing new products -- we help save from three to five trees.

Imagine the impact this makes in a 1,000 room hotel. Do the math. The results are AMAZING!

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