Your Image is Our Business.

Turn to Suite Upgrades -- the experts -- when you want your property and furnishings to look rejuvenated without the hefty expense of remodeling or purchasing new.

It’s not magic. It’s experience, know-how and a commitment to provide the best service and outcomes available. Ask our clients. Better yet, contact our company founder, Roland Serna. To this day, the success story behind Suite Upgrades still marvels him.

In 2003, he assisted a friend who was refinishing the damaged wood of a credenza. Serna was instantly enthralled with the concept of wood restoration and began experimenting with ways to simplify and improve the process.

As he educated himself to the products available for this craft, he honed his own techniques to enhance outcomes. Meanwhile, the more he researched the marketplace, the more he realized the potential for restoration services on a commercial level as an alternative to replacement services.

At this point Serna was homeless, and living and working out of his SUV. He started approaching local hotels…offering to do free restoration demonstrations on their furniture. “I was introducing a whole new concept to them with no downtime, minimal cost compared to buying new, and with significant environmental advantages,” he explains.

By the fourth month, in February of 2004, Serna was hired to complete a large restoration project at a hotel. “The response was overwhelming and it was then that I realized the business would be a success.”

Using the positive feedback from that first undertaking as a springboard, business rapidly snowballed. Barely a year later, Serna celebrated by purchasing his first home. Today, Suite Upgrades has worked with a variety of industry sectors and continues to grow.

Serna remains actively involved in day-to-day operations and future directions for the company. “We will continue to explore more avenues for high quality restorations and expanded services that focus on saving our planet. More importantly, we are dedicated to performing to the best of our abilities to ensure customer satisfaction on every job.”

If you are considering upgrading your property or furnishings, please consider Suite Upgrades.

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